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你知道电动叉车正确充电方式? - 新闻动态




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The power source of electric forklift is mainly battery and DC motor. The correct use of forklift battery, including correct charging operation and correct replacement of various operation problems, is the basic condition to keep electric forklift accessories in good condition.
The correct charging operation of electric forklift battery is a relatively fragile place. If the maintenance work in this aspect is done well, the service time and service life of electric forklift battery will be prolonged, otherwise, the work efficiency will be reduced and the loss of battery will be accelerated, so that the battery can not reach the normal working state.
Before starting or charging each time, the driver should pay attention to the battery power displayed on the display panel of the electric forklift. The battery can be charged when there is still 20% power. Do not charge until all the power is used up. Once the battery runs out, it will delay a lot of things. On the other hand, running out of electricity has a certain impact on battery life. It is not advisable to charge the electric forklift without looking at the electricity meter, whether it has electricity or not. Under the normal condition of the battery, the charging times are about 1400 times. Charging casually will directly reduce the battery life.
Before charging the battery, the matching of the charger should be confirmed, and the mismatched charging will seriously affect the service life of the battery, or directly damage the battery.
At the same time, it should also be noted that tools and other metal objects should not be placed on the battery of the electric forklift.
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