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济南叉车租赁讲解如何避免电动叉车电路线束烧毁! - 新闻动态




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The electric forklift takes the battery as the leading core controller. In order to give the forklift more functionality, it usually needs to control with multiple lines. Once the electric forklift works for a long time or encounters high temperature, how can we prevent the circuit harness of the forklift from being burned?
In the whole process of using, if we find that the line on the electric forklift is slow, and there are many wires or leaking wires, it will lead to chaos of the whole line, and it will often lead to the occurrence of circuit fault. Regardless of the color, thickness, this will cause confusion in the vehicle circuit harness.
When repairing the circuit harness, relevant specifications must be observed. When a certain section of line is damaged, and before replacing the fuse, all electrical equipment and ignition switches should be turned off and operated according to the regulations.
After replacement, the fuse is burnt out again, which indicates that the electric forklift system is short circuited. The replacement process should be carried out after the fault is checked and eliminated. For some electric forklifts with main switch of power supply, the main switch of power supply should be turned off after stopping and flameout. Check, maintain and adjust the main fuse regularly, and replace new parts if necessary.
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